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In Life, Aging and Pain are The Great Equalizers

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

No one is exempt from the aging process or the possibility of  experiencing age related pain syndromes which can be chronic, progressive, and debilitating.  The only difference between the “haves” and the “have nots” is that the folks with money have greater access to care that may help to diminish their discomfort.

What I know  is that the best way to deal with chronic pain is to be preemptive and pro-active.  Starting early to  prevent conditions that might put one at higher risk for developing a problem is the optimal way of having a pain free old age.  So, what I can do today to avoid painful inflammatory and chronic illnesses in my “golden years” is to eat healthfully and avoid being overweight, exercise as regularly as possible, get sufficient rest, medicate by doctor’s prescription for any condition that is life or quality-of-life threatening, take vitamins and supplements, learn how not to sweat the small stuff, laugh and love.   And as I am not addicted to cigarettes, alcohol, or illicit substances,  looking at the list, it doesn’t seem so daunting.  I can do all that.  I am not young, but I am still young enough to have an impact on the kind of old age I want to have.  I still want to be able to go hiking when I’m 82…if i live  that long.  I want to be able to go to the theater and get up from a chair on my own.  I want to be able to walk my dog, if I have one.  I just want to keep being me.

So I am going to pledge right here, right now, in front of God and everyone, that from here on in, I am going to be conscious and mindful of everything I say and every action I take to make sure I always behave  in my own best interest to remain independent and comfortable in my physical body.  And I am inviting my family, friends, and anyone who reads this to join me.  I’m going to need someone to go hiking with, after all…