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Kinesio Taping Personal Story – LEFT SI JOINT

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

Andrea and I wanted to share this story from one of our PTs who took the last KT1 & KT2 Seminar we presented:

“I wanted to thank you for a great seminar a few wks ago. Having impressive results so far with my tapings. Thought you’d get a laugh out of my own personal epiphany following the conclusion of the course:

Briefly, I had my partner do the “star” taping to my left SI joint.  A naggy, problematic site for me, specifically with standing.

When I left the course Monday, all taped up, I headed for the LIRR which was in complete chaos due to a train stuck in the tunnel heading into Penn. To make a long story longer…I stood for about 90 min in Penn, on the train, at Jamaica etc before finally stumbling off the train in Suffolk Cty.

It was 2 hrs after that that I realized I didn’t have an iota of LBP. Nuthin. Not a stitch. By definition, I should have been paralyzed with pain by that point. Coincidence?? Nah…

So again, I thank you and will see you in June for K-3.”